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GreenFi is the most TRANSPARENT and a TRUSTED Project.A UNIQUE concept where you earn BNB's to Plant Trees at your Home,Office or Anywhere in the world. Project Follows the proven Circle of Sustainaibility to keep the project stable and ever rewarding.



The GreenFI Ecosystem is a system that serves as a sustainability method that regulates and secures the GreenFI Plant-To-Earn project with the aim to reward Investors and community members who take part in community management. The community plans to do marketing and campaigns to bring more investors to the community, therefore generating more taxes.

More also same rewards will be given to the team who all took part in the tree plantation. This circle will bring more stability to the ecosystem and the community will also bring more stability to the ecosystem and the community will also bring more people to join the Plant-To-Earn system in the cause to make the world better. The GreenFI ecosystem will provide the needed representation in cryptocurrency for a greener future while reducing global warming.

With the GreenFI ecosystem, there will be a constant push towards marketing and getting more investment in the coin, increasing the community and thus boosting the ecosystem of the coin. With the aim of GreenFI becoming the largest social network of profitable business for Cryptocurrency/NFT investors while also getting rid of global warming, it will be a great opportunity for you to join the GreenFI stable community.

Last Year's Numbers and Statistics

According to Wikipedia, an annual report is a comprehensive report on real and valuable Cryptocurrency coins throughout the preceding year, shows that most tokens/coins are not real and not secured.

The complexity for the consumer has grown due to the Token marketplaces, projects, and platforms’ increasing variety and quantity. Most Token systems have reduced this complexity because of the Token market’s exponential expansion. Despite the Token market’s rapid expansion, simplicity, long history as a reliable source of commerce, and extensive knowledge of the digital currency field, most Tokens could not offer genuine benefits to society or have a lasting impact on the world. GreenFI is a Plant-To-Earn project deployment of an actual world application and visible infrastructure, unlike many other Tokens used in Metaverse, which have no real value other than the theoretical value, GreenFI Coin is a flex card that demonstrates how you directly plant trees (assets) while serving the purpose of earning, preventing global warming, as well as creating assets for future purpose.

Sustainaibility Model

Plant Trees

Get Rewards

GreenFi Gets Visibility

Worldwide Marketing & Campaigns

GreenFi Gets More Visibility

More Buyers

More Taxes

More Rewards



The GreenFI Coin will be decentralized, exchangeable and long lasting. The participants will gain rewards in BNB once they plant trees from the taxes collected and will get rewards in GreenFI as Airdrops. More also, NFT collection will be launched for the community members in which participants will be able to get NFT’s as a valuable asset. 

– Plant Trees

– Show it to community

– Get rewards in BNB’s

GreenFi Coin

Having complied with Third-Party Services of decentralised exchanges, DAPPS and also adhering to BEP-20 Standard. GreenFI Coin is a unique decentralised coin aimed at delivering interoperability amongst blockchains with a supply of

GreenFI Coin was created to evolve as a secured coin which will universally use as a means of payment  valuable rewards to investors with solid, long lasting rewards over time. In which investors who buy GreenFI Coin as well as to join the Plant-To-Earn Community.


Token Supply:
Token name: GreenFI

Buy Tax: 7%
Sell Tax: 9%

Community Rewards: 7%

Marketing: 4%

Dev: 3%

Liquidity: 2%



Token Distribution

Integrated System to Reduce Global Warming

A better knowledge of how the GreenFI make use of integrated forestation systems is necessary for sustainable production intensification and reduction in global warming. To address the interconnected challenges of achieving good environment, sustainability, and combating climate change, A key component of creating a GreenFI is improving the efficiency with which people and natural resources are protected.



We are committed to wanting to create Token, But still, we don’t want to create any Token with random that serves little purpose and value determined by speculation alone, but rather make a unique one and make things better through a Plant-To-Earn project to reduce global warming and providing earning source to investors while building a community that we can nurture and apply ideas.

Still, we are obsessed with the overall experience because we understand that our Investors and Users are a real community.More importantly, we want to be remembered as a revolutionary group that improved the state of the world. For the advancement of the community, the GreenFI community is dedicated to providing its Investors with real, long-term rewards and benefits. You are all welcome to join us on this journey.



Q4 2022

  • Idea Generation.
  • Creation of Socials – TG & Twitter to showcase 
    idea to all.
  • Website Launch
  • White Paper Release
  • Green Community Build up
  • Showcasing Sustainaibility Model
  • Marketing Start
  • Smart Contract Development

Q1 2023


  • Community Expansion
  • Audit
  • Investors Safety Shield
  • Marketing and Campaigns
  • Pinksale Presale
  • Community Interactions
  • Rewarding Presale Investors 
  • Events
  • Planting 10000 Trees
  • BNB Rewards
  • 10000 Holders


Q2 2023

  • Expanding the Footprint
  • CMC Listing
  • Green Campaigns and Social Awareness
  • Bill Board Marketing
  • Plantations
  • BNB Rewards
  • Airdrops 
  • Community Expansion
  • Events

Q4 2023


  • Development
  • Partnerships
  • NFT Collection Launch
  • Tier 1 Cex Listing
  • Community Expansion
  • BNB Rewards
  • Airdrops



In order to provide a hyper-realistic, immersive, and interactive experience, the Metaverse is a shared virtual environment that combines augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). There will be a virtual environment in our Metaverse that tracks the development of your real-world plantation.

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Key Benefits?

BNB's,Presale Rewards,Airdrops, NFT Rewards, Reducing global warming through GreenFI, Green Community Build Up.

Why should you invest?

Due to the characteristics and advantages of owning GreenFI Token that have already been highlighted, as well as our understanding of the true worth of trees and the desire of the GreenFI Community to advance the project, it will be incredibly beneficial to possess GreenFI Coin. We hope that now that you have read and fully understood the idea behind this ground-breaking usage of the GreenFI to reduce global warming at the same time generating revenue while also saving the globe and natural resources, you have insight of the actual potential of the opportunity.